About Me:

Hi, my name is Christine Schultze.  I was born and raised in the Madison area.  I went to school at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities where I received a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology.  Kinesiology is the study of body movement and it is a typical undergraduate degree if you are planning on going on to Physical Therapy Graduate School.   I was planning on becoming a Physical Therapist until I realized that I enjoyed working with the muscles and tissues more than the joints.

My Training and Education:

I chose a Massage Therapy School that was more medically based, which aligned with my undergraduate degree and made my career transition easier.  I graduated from The Massage Therapy Program at High-Tech Institute in Saint Louis Park, Minnesota, which is now known as Anthem Education Group due to a name change.

I am not a typical Massage Therapist because I come from a Western Medicine background.  Most Massage Therapists do not have an undergraduate degree nor such a large medical background as I do.  One of my required undergraduate classes was a cadaver lab where I learned all of the muscles, bones, ligaments, tissues, organs, and tendons in the body in a hands-on environment.  Having that visual and hands-on experience with the human body gives me a benefit that many Massage Therapists don’t have because I have worked with muscles and tissues in ways that are not a part of a typical Massage Therapy Program.

All of the Clients who preferred Deep Tissue Massage at the Massage Clinic located in High-Tech Institute scheduled all of their Massages with me and none of them left unsatisfied.  Actually, they all said that I was the only female Massage Therapist who was able to give them the pressure that they preferred.

After I graduated in 2005, I worked mostly in Chiropractic Offices in Minnesota, where I worked extensively with people who were in car accidents or had chronic pain.  I moved back to Wisconsin and to the Madison area in 2007.  I started practicing Professional Massage Therapy in Wisconsin in 2011 when I received my State of Wisconsin Massage Therapy License.  I value the importance of continual self and professional improvement through education and experience.  I have and will continue to learn and grow with the Massage Therapy Profession.

My Specialty:

My favorite type of Massage, and what I specialize in, is Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage.  I enjoy being able to take my time and thoroughly work all muscles in an area.  The Deep Tissue Massage Technique works well with my background as well.  Ever since I learned how to write, I have had a “heavy” hand.  I push down with more pressure then I need to whether it be on a piece of paper or on a keyboard and that “heaviness” does come out in my Massages too.  Also I have developed more strength in my hands and wrists then other Massage Therapists from many years of nearly year-round training from playing the position of Setter  in volleyball.  For most Massage Therapists it takes more concentration and effort to give a Deep Tissue Massage then it does a relaxation massage (which typically uses a lighter touch) but for me it is usually the opposite.

If you are the type of person that likes heavy pressure in a massage and you want a Massage Therapist who has a high degree of scientific medical training, then you will want to get a massage with me.